My name is Alex. I was born and live in Ukraine. Since my childhood, I love to wear warm knitted sweaters, which my grandmother made for me. She loved to knit for our whole family. I still keep these memories. Over the years, my love for warm sweaters became stronger, but requirements for the quality of materials also became higher. Each time, traveling through Europe, I brought yarn of famous brands to my grandmother as a present. Over time, this my passion turned into a part of my work. I began to earn by looking for and bringing to Ukraine yarns of the highest quality and with unique compounds for needlewomen across the country. But the desire to create knitted handmade clothes didn’t leave me since my childhood. My family and I decided to create Mammyhug - a brand of knitted clothes made of high-quality yarns. We have chosen the best needlewomen of Poltava region, which has been famous for its craftsmen for centuries. The manufacture of each item is under our strict control. In every cashmere sweater and knitted cardigan, in every warm knitted sock and hat made of wool, we put a part of those warm memories from my childhood. We draw the ideas of all models from the fashion shows of fashion designers, adding a little of our warmth and style.

   Today we are not a factory and do not have huge production capacities. We are a family manufactory. Therefore, we do not have hundreds of models, an abundance of designs and colors, huge stocks of clothing. When buying our warm sweaters or other knitted products, you can be sure that they are made immediately before shipment and especially for you. And the models presented in the “exclusive” collection will be in a limited number and unique in composition.

   My family and I really hope that you will like our knitted clothes and you will feel the warmth that we want to convey.