Women sweaters SPRING 2020: top 10 trending models

Spring is a great time to upgrade your wardrobe and add original and delicate sweaters.

Stylists offer girls to wear sweaters all year round, creating delightful and cozy looks, but in the spring 2020 models become more interesting and diverse. Moreover, they do not need to be hidden under jackets and fur coats. The main trends of spring 2020 are considered fitted models, asymmetric models, oversized models and others. Check it down.

# 1 Stylish asymmetric sweaters: spring 2020

asymmetric sweaters

Clothing with an asymmetric cut makes the whole image more interesting and dynamic. Adhere to natural and moderate parts. If you chose a sweater with an extension at the back or with the original neckline, then use fitted jeans as the bottom. Choose only one unusual element in your look.

# 2 Delicate mohair sweater: a comfortable trend in spring 2020

mohair sweater

Mohair sweaters - a stylish and versatile solution for an everyday and business look. A plain mohair sweater goes well with things from tweed, cotton, wool, leather.

Among the color favorites of the season, delicate models in creamy color, ivory color and bright shades can be noted.

# 3 Fashionable oversized sweaters: spring 2020

Fashionable oversized sweaters

Oversized things are not new for fashionistas. Volume was relevant several seasons ago, when girls flaunted in baggy puffed jackets. In the spring of 2020, oversized things are again at the peak of popularity.

Sweaters with wide sleeves, cuts on the sleeves, with the decor of ribbons, with an asymmetric cut are in trend. Models with large knitting and interesting knitted patterns look beautiful. Models in oversize style are in perfect harmony with leather trousers, skirts, denim.

# 4 Trending model with an open back: spring 2020

open back sweaters

A model with a romantic neckline on the back is one of the most trendy novelties of the spring of 2020. A light knit sweater with a neckline on the back, complemented by ribbons and ties, makes the whole look more sophisticated and feminine.

Despite the volume of knitting, a sweater with a neckline looks very nice. Choose models with a large neckline at the back, combined with a high collar. Stylish sweaters with a V-neck in the middle of the back.

# 5 Stylish lace-up sweater: spring 2020

lace-up sweater

The trend of spring 2020 is various cuts complemented by an unusual lacing up. Most models are implemented in a knitted version, which makes the models visually lighter and more sophisticated.

Stylish models look with drapery and lacing in the neckline, on the sleeves or on the back. Lacing up is the main emphasis of the whole model, so it should be made of high-quality ribbons, wide lacing with inscriptions and other accessories.

# 6 Fashionable wrap over sweater: spring 2020

Fashionable wrap over sweater

To create a chic spring look, you can choose a scent sweater with a deep neckline. This model is most often combined with a lace top or a bustier top.

Choose models with a small, but bulk viscous. As for color solutions, sweaters in raspberry, cherry and other saturated colors look gorgeous. Choosing a sweater, take into account the shade of the top, create either a plain combination or a contrast.

# 7 Stylish sweaters with super long sleeves: spring 2020

sweaters with super long sleeves

Many designers made the main emphasis on the sleeves, on their unusual cut, this spring. Among the trendy ideas of spring 2020, sweaters with elongated voluminous sleeves, complemented by ribbons or ties.

The length of the sleeves should be such that they clearly hang down and completely cover the arms. The addition of a sweater with lacing and ties with bows gives the whole image a certain charm.

# 8 Cropped sweaters for spring 2020

Cropped sweaters

An alternative to long oversized sweaters is shortened models. Famous couturiers recommend playing in contrasts and creating sophisticated looks with fitted jeans and miniskirts.

#9 A short sweater

short sweater

A short sweater or crop top looks stylish with high-waist jeans. As for the color palette, monophonic models in black, burgundy, and blue are in priority.

# 10 Fashionable bright sweaters for spring 2020

bright sweater

Bright saturated colors are in trend this spring, any form could be appropriate. Don’t be afraid to mix several bright colors such as neon pink, bright blue and orange.

They are good looking with white pants, jeans or leather pants. Oversized with large knitting sweaters look fabulous in bright trendy colors.