What will be in the trend for a few more seasons: 6 things that will remain relevant for a long time


Chequered clothes firmly settled down on fashion catwalks. This print appealed to a lot of fashionistas.

Now the most profitable investment is a neutral, non-contrasting design. Such things will fit basic and even accented things, so they will be multifunctional. And they won’t go out of fashion for a long time.

mammyhug style


Now the most relevant is the color bar.

mammyhug look

But a thin strip is also popular: it is more versatile and calm, it is easier to make different images with it.

fashionable image

Floral print

Floral print is also popular. If earlier tiny flowers were the most fashionable, then now their place was taken by realistic images of medium-sized flowers.

Floral print

Accent on sleeves

Fashionistas liked the idea with an emphasis on sleeves so that designers continue to invent original forms of this trend.

Volumetric sleeves are still in fashion. Only if you choose such a thing, is it better to prefer the bottom without flares. A pencil skirt or high waist pants / jeans will be the perfect solution and help the image to be balanced.

voluminous sweater

Also, the sleeves can be elongated. Especially often this option is found in sweaters.

long sleeve sweater


Asymmetric things are not going to leave us either. Often you can find such skirts. But keep in mind that the option when the front of the skirt is shorter and the back is longer is now irrelevant. Take a look at skirts with lateral asymmetry.

Also, this trend may occur in the absence of one sleeve. This trend can be seen on holiday dresses, blouses.


Constructive decor

Simple things are in fashion. But this does not mean that they should be boring. Designed decor solves this problem. An interesting arrangement of tucks, seams, lines will sparkle in a new way and make the image interesting.

business knitwear