What to wear a sweater with a throat? 5 stylish  combinations!

Winter is drawing near and is already on our heels, and in order not to freeze when the temperature drops on the thermometer, you and I need not just a sweater, but a very warm sweater. Therefore, we advise you to pay attention to models with a throat. Because they will close the most important part that can be purged so easily.

1) With white jeans

Yes, we all associate autumn with slush and dirt on the streets, but let's look around, every third person wears white sneakers. So if the most avid fashionistas do not change the snow-white color even in not the most favorable weather, then why should we refuse? A brown throat sweater will be a great companion in your white jeans, so let's go meet this undeniably stylish look.

2) With ribbed skirts

Ribbed knitted skirts, as a rule, lighten our figure with you and make it slimmer. To balance the look, choose a voluminous throat sweater as the top. Such an elegant hem will fit perfectly with a shapeless top. Again, pay attention to the fact that light shades of skirts should not be put away in the closet. Beige and cream tones can be safely worn in both winter and autumn. Just add black tight tights and rough boots to them.

3) With trousers in a cage

A cage on trousers can be diluted with a voluminous sweater, while the choice of color is entirely up to you. And all because all shades are easily combined with the cell. Caps are the simplest but at the same time stylish replacement for caps and berets. Therefore, this autumn we choose not only a warm sweater with a throat, but also combine it with a cap and add a classic long coat over it.

4) With classic black pants

As much as we did not want to sit at home in the cool autumn, wrapped in a blanket, still, no one canceled the work. But to our joy, we can afford to wrap ourselves in a voluminous sweater with a throat! We combine it with classic trousers and rush to work.

5) With jeans

Jeans are our saviors if you do not want to spend time choosing an image for going out. Therefore, we combine them with a voluminous sweater and throw it over the coat. In such a company of things, even a scarf is not needed, which by itself is also a big plus.


Having dealt with you 5 stylish, but nevertheless easy to combinations of options with which you can combine a sweater with a throat, we have no doubt that now you will be the most fashionable.