Skirt + sweater: stylish combinations

Almost every woman in the word, when hear sweater mentally add jeans. This is quite logical, especially in the cold season. Not every woman prefers to wear skirts in winter. But there are modern fashionistas who wear skirt no matter cold or hot weather.

The choice of modern styles of warm skirts is very wide, you can find a skirt for everyone, even for the most demanding tastes. But how to wear a sweater combined with a skirt?

Such a tandem can look surprisingly harmonious and attractive if the skirt is correctly matched to the sweater.

An oversized sweater should not be worn with oversized skirts; this combination looks good on tall, slender girls. But tight-fitting sweaters are best worn in voluminous skirts, or with A-silhouette skirts, bell skirts. An ideal option for a bulky sweater is a pencil skirt. But despite any recommendations, you always need to focus on the particular structure of the figure. Some fashion tips do not work as you would like.

There are sweaters in universal shades that suit any color of the skirt, these are:

  • black;
  • white;
  • beige;
  • bright gray.

With such shades, you can easily combine a skirt of any color, any prints and the image will turn out to be stylish, but not provocative.

A color sweater should be combined with skirts of a neutral shade, or with skirts that have shades in harmony with the color of the sweater. In the photo, a pink sweater matches perfectly with a colored check skirt in which there is a pink color. And the red sweater is in perfect harmony with the checkered skirt, which has red stripes.

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