Warming up! How to wear knitwear in winter of 2020

Due to its versatility and exponential characteristics of the material, knitted clothing in this season has gained the status of the most popular. Examples of stylish images with knitwear can be found in the review of many famous bloggers and representatives of the fashion industry.

Cropped Jumpers

This season, outfit with monophonic, basic models is especially relevant. Large knitting short sweaters are trendy and stylish. To avoid bare belly you can wear a long t-shirt or high waist pants or skirt. High waist perfectly compensates the short length of fashionable sweaters

The main thing is not to be confused with the twin set. They don’t favor him this winter: he assumes a certain unity, and in the new season the choice is based on personal preferences. Do you want to wear a jacket of the color of baked milk under a white knitted sweater? Please, no limits! Combine cropped sweaters with long t-shirts.


A thin tight-fitting sweater with a collar, called a turtleneck with the advent of cold weather is especially popular. It looks good, both by itself without unnecessary decor, and with large, bright accessories. Basically, these are small bags or bright shoes, designed to dilute the monophonic image.

Slinky turtlenecks in multi-layered looks

Layering is also a trend, due to low temperature and it is not necessary to wear bulky things at all. It is also not essential to wear only tight-fitting.

Wide sweaters

Sweaters in neutral colors of simple forms and voluminous, dense sweaters with a high collar are in trend. The bottom can be anything - mix as you like. In the new image, you can freely combine different fabrics and don’t afraid to move away from the canons. The main thing is to maintain harmony. Similar models will be relevant next year, so do not spare money and buy really high-quality knitwear.

Your style can be individual: a voluminous top with a pleated skirt or frayed jeans and a bright knit sweater - you decide. The main thing is that in this way you feel comfortable and warm. Designers were guided by free views and tucked the hanging edges of the knitwear into the belt - stylish and does not blow. Feel free to tuck part of the bottom of the sweatshirt.

Voluminous cardigans

A stunning find for the winter of 2020 will be long and short knitted cardigans. Some are voluminous and warm, like real winter sweaters, while others, on the contrary, are made of thin knitwear and have a maxi length. Maxi length cardigans perfectly replace coats.


In winter, all kinds of knitted accessories are especially relevant, which serve us not only for warmth, but also for beauty. Knitted scarves, scarves, capes and stoles can be a great addition to the image, in addition, they will warm you in severe inclement weather.

Do not be afraid to overdo it - voluminous things are the latest fashion. Wrap yourself in several layers of a soft, knitted scarf and you can not be distinguished from a famous showman or blogger.