Care for knitwear

Use water not more than 30-35 degrees. Use liquid detergent marked "for wool" or shampoo. Make soapsuds from water and detergent.

 You need to put the product into it for a few minutes. Thing wrinkled with neat movements, do not twist and pull. Then gently rinse a couple of times.

Wash the detergent thoroughly.

 Squeeze some water, but do not twist. Put on a cotton cloth to absorb basic moisture. Spread on a towel, leave in the desired shape. If necessary, comb while the item is wet.

Before washing in a washing machine, you need to make sure if it’s possible. If the inscription on the tag allows, choose a delicate mode or a wool program.

Water temperature up to 30 degrees, delicate washing and lack of spin are required.

Merino clothing is forbidden to dry near a battery or in the sun. To maintain the shape of the product, it is put in a box or wrapped in a cotton cloth.