Best neck gaiter FMS20 3in1 for a metropolis

3 in 1 - snood mask hat

Perfect design and complex of protective properties against PM2.5 microparticles. 

The manufacturer Mammyhug specializes in the production of knitted clothes made of premium yarns (cashmere, merino, mohair, etc.) One of the top new products in 2020 that may be interesting for fashionistas is a face gaiter, which is positioned as a mask for air purification and protection of respiratory tracks for metropolis.

The quality of our life is inextricably linked to what we breathe. Neck gaiter with filter FMS20 from Mammmyhug removes solid pollutants that are in the air, and the PM2.5 filtration reaches 99%. It will become an integral part of your wardrobe. The knitted tube scarf is made of natural, hypoallergenic premium yarn made of merino wool, which makes it very convenient and easy to use. And thanks to its shape and replaceable PM2.5 filter, it ideally protects the respiratory apparatus.


PM2.5 - what is it?

 In the literature it is found: "The HEPA filter protects against PM2.5 particles." We are talking about air pollutants - solid and liquid particles up to 2.5 microns in size. These are fine suspended particles, fine dust. Why exactly 2.5 microns? Looking ahead, PM2.5 easily penetrates biological barriers and therefore has the greatest threat to your health.

What are PM2.5 particulate matter? Depends on where they come from.

Primary PM2.5

 They are thrown into the air ready-made. The smallest pieces of soot, asphalt and car tires, particles of mineral salts (sulfates and nitrates), heavy metal compounds (mainly oxides). Biological pollutants (some allergens and microorganisms) also belong to PM2.5.

A few words about soot particles. Coal is a good sorbent; therefore toxic compounds are deposited even on the smallest particles of soot. In the operation of internal combustion engines, these are, for example, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons with a high molecular weight. It turns out not just a particle of soot, but a particle with a "filling" of harmful organic matter.

Secondary PM2.5

Formed directly in the atmosphere. One example: oxides of nitrogen and sulfur are emitted into the city air, which upon contact with water form acids, and from them solid particles of salts - nitrates and sulfates - are obtained.

According to the type of source, PM2.5 particles are divided into natural and artificial.


They are caused by soil erosion in dry areas and organic evaporation. In modern China, almost every resident of the metropolis knows this abbreviation. This is due to an elementary fact: PM2.5 particles are dangerous. PM2.5 particles reduce lifespan by an average of 8.6 months, according to the World Health Organization's report on air pollution and its impact on human health. In total, 3% of deaths from diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and 5% of deaths from lung cancer are associated with PM2.5.

Artificial or man-made

Mostly PM2.5. appears as a result of active transport usage. This is the work of internal combustion engines, wear of brake pads and tires, erosion of the road surface. Other caused by:

  • industry with combustion of solid fuels (coal, brown coal, oil);
  • construction with the extraction of minerals;
  • many types of production (especially the production of cement, ceramics, bricks, smelting);
  • agriculture as a source of ammonia, from which secondary PM2.5 can be formed.

Everyone is used to being afraid of harmful gases: you inhale and immediately get poisoned. Perhaps these are echoes of the war years and fears of chemical warfare agents, man-made disasters and gloomy pictures of people in gas masks.

But in fact, PM2.5 particles are no less dangerous. People breathe them in every day. There is no immediate reaction to small doses of PM2.5, as to poison gas, but they accumulate in the body and can lead to serious problems over time.

How does the neck gaiter work?

 So, face and neck scarf with carbon filter provides PM2.5 filtration efficiency up to 99%. Let's consider its design. The bandana neck gaiter FMS20 has two outer layers of knitted fabric and a pocket with a filter. For the outer layers, premium merino and cashmere yarns (90/10%) are used. The soft, elastic material fits perfectly around the contour of the face and protects your face and head 360 °, effectively keeping out foreign particles. Merino wool retains heat well, but at the same time prevents overheating, absorbs and removes moisture, and has a healing effect. Merino wool contains lanolin which provide benefits for your health. At body temperature, lanolin melts, penetrates the skin and stimulates blood flow. With the blood flow, immune cells and active substances flow into this area, which relieve pain and inflammation, improve metabolism, and stop vasospasm and muscles. This combination of merino and cashmere has several benefits:

  • Resistance to dirt (the special surface structure allows the wool to repel small particles of dirt, not allowing them to settle on the canvas)
  • Antibacterial. They contain the carboxylic acid creatine, which can destroy the cell walls of bacteria.
  • Elastic and resilient. They keep their shape well, do not lose their appearance when washed.
  • Soft to the touch. This is very important for face and neck contact.

Due to the fact that the neck tube scarf is made of natural materials, it promotes the unimpeded passage of air, reduces the formation of water vapor, adheres tightly to the face, but at the same time prevents stuffiness or allergic reactions.

On the inside of the merino neck warmer at the level of the nose and mouth there is a special pocket for a replaceable carbon filter. The filter has a 5-layer structure. Protects by 99% from humid and corrosive impurities in the air, such as: formaldehyde, parts of viruses and bacteria, color dyes and other harmful carcinogens that adversely affect human body.

 This model is unisex. Mammyhug also began the production of baby neck gaiter for children, because their health is the main priority for parents and humanity in general.

To please fashionistas, Mammyhug has created a color line of wool snood  and they can fit any wardrobe. Do not forget that in addition to the function of protecting the respiratory tract, the snood mask is a regular gaiter scarf that looks great on your neck and keeps it warm, emphasizing your image. Winter gaiter can also be easily transformed into a stylish and at the same time warm beanie hat that can be used in any weather.

 To sum up, the face and neck cover is not only a fashionable and effective solution to protect the respiratory organs, which will make you forget about ugly and uncomfortable masks and respirators, but also a stylish element of the wardrobe of a modern advanced person who cares about his or her health and appearance.