7 spring 2020 wardrobe items, relevant for any age

1)Banana pants

So banana pants that everyone loves stay with us at least for the coming spring-summer season. And now designers suggest a freer version, reminiscent of harem pants that are traditionally worn with a tunic or dress. If you like the silhouette of dress-over-pants, then next season get harem pants and wear them that way. More classic options are offered with jackets, shirts, blouses and jumpers.

wardrobe items


Jumpsuits deservedly occupy a leading position in the list of the most stylish wardrobe items. Today, designers offer a lot of different styles of overalls for all occasions. In the upcoming season, pay attention to colored overalls of a free silhouette of light silky fabrics. If you want to emphasize the waist, choose models with a belt.


3)Dresses with delicate floral print.

A little tired of the masculine trends of the early 2000s, fashion returned to deliberate femininity. This is already season that dresses with floral prints of incredible tenderness and beauty haven’t left the catwalks. If you are a romantic person, then dress up in light airy floral dresses with ruffles, frills and draperies.

Dresses with delicate floral print

4)Volumetric raincoats and trench coats

The over-size silhouette once again proved its relevance, it only became softer and more streamlined. Very voluminous, as if filled with air, trench coats and raincoats must appear in your wardrobe this spring. At least fashion designers think so.

Volumetric raincoats and trench coats

5)Knitted dress

Good news for lovers of knitted comfort. The knitted dress, traditional for the autumn-winter wardrobe, promises to become the trend of the coming spring. We choose comfortable dresses and tunics with an openwork pattern of natural fabrics.

Knitted dress

6)Dress shirt

In the upcoming season, we continue to love and wear shirt dresses. We choose free flying silhouettes with a minimum of decor and without a pattern. We wear both an independent thing and over trousers. And, of course, do not forget about the spectacular outfits, in which an unbuttoned shirt dress acts as a summer cardigan.

Dress shirt

7)Skirts and maxi dresses

While fashion "pampers" us with an abundance of feminine trends, we take advantage of the moment and wear skirts and maxi dresses. They will be very relevant not only in summer, but also in early spring. Designers suggest that we wear a maxi length under the outer clothing, creating an original multi-layer cascade. And if you prefer practical outfits, then give preference to the length of the midi, it is also in trend.

Skirts and maxi dresses